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They say a woman has two sides, but shows only one of them. Fierce or shy, reckless or rational, prickly or sweet? We all have a little of each, the question is which one will we be today? Maria Maleta pays homage to all women out there and lets you choose what side you want to show, so go ahead and flip the world on its head, and your bag too. A woman, a bag – two sides to be revealed.
Size: 13" long x 13.8" tall  (adjustable straps: 27.6" - 31.5") 

Color: soft rose & light blue/green leather 

  • adjustable straps in grey suede; two inner pockets
  • reversible - just pull straps in opposite direction, elastic too, and out comes the same backpack with a new mix of colors 
  • fits laptop up to 13"
  • handmade in Portugal by Maria Maleta


  • do not machine wash
  • avoid contact with oil or corrosive products
  • overexposure to sun can damage color

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